Energy centers for the production of chipboard or MDF boards

Wood Processing Industry

WÜRZ GMBH has delivered heat exchangers and heat exchange systems for many central energy plants and systems for the wood working industry in the fields of production of chipboard or MDF boards.

In the central energy plant, waste wood from production, as well as fine wood dust are combusted in a grate and / or a special burner. The resulting flue gas heats thermal oil or steam in heat exchangers downstream of the combustion. Resulting flue gas is either cooled and filtered or further used in downstream processes.

Typical heat exchangers are:

  • Thermal oil heater as radiation heat or convective exchanger
  • Steam generator with superheater
  • Combinations of thermal oil and steam systems

The transfer media may be used in different ways, for example:

  • Thermal oil for heating of presses and other consumers
  • Superheated steam for the operation of turbines and compressors
  • Saturated steam for the operation of refiners

A combination of the different types of heat exchangers is possible and results from the particular application. As a result of our consultancy (engineering) we deliver well matched system components.