Making heat and energy usable

Waste heat boiler

In most waste heat boilers, the recovered heat is not used in the original process. In order to make the energy available for other use, it is transferred to a heat transfer media.

Heat transfer media

  • Heat transfer fluid (thermal oil), based on mineral oils or as a synthetic fluid
  • Water / Hot water (pressurized system) / Glycol
  • Steam, saturated or superheated
  • (brine)

The recovered energy can be used for various purposes.

Applications for waste heat:

  • Heating of industrial processes e.g. drying processes
  • Heating of buildings and other facilities
  • Energy sale to a district heating system
  • Energy saving in refrigeration processes
  • Electric power generation in a steam turbine or an ORC process

WÜRZ waste heat boiler

can be found in clean or dusty flue gases of various origins.