oxidation of exhaust gases

Thermal oxidation (TO)

Resulting from many industrial processes there are exhaust gases that contain components that need to be oxidized in order to meet the requirements of the guidelines of air quality control.

Applications for thermal oxidizer (TO) systems are

  • Exhaust gases with combustible substances in sufficient concentration
  • Waste gases containing dust, which must be combusted

In most cases, the gas entering the thermal oxidizer is first preheated by the flue gas in order to minimize the use of primary fuels.
The exhaust gas downstream the thermal oxidizer typically contains residual heat that can still be used for heating purposes.
There are many ways to use this residual heat, arising from the needs of our customers.

Examples for the use of the waste heat are

  • Thermal oil heater as convective heat exchange system
  • Water heater for heating purposes
  • Air preheater, e.g. for heating of fabrication hall
  • For clean gases or gases with a low concentration of combustible substances, our regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) have to be considered as well.