Flue gas / air – heat exchanger

Sewage sludge

Downstream the thermal treatment in either a fluidized bed or furnace, we take over the dust laden flue gas. Our flue gas / air – heat exchanger preheats the combustion and/ or fluidization air.

The residual heat can be optionally converted to thermal oil or steam. As an alternative, all of the energy may be used to run a steam boiler.

Typical heat exchangers are:

  • Recuperator for preheating of the fluidization air / combustion air
  • Convective boiler for thermal oil
  • Direct fired thermal oil boiler for the heating of a sludge dryer process
  • Steam generator with superheater
  • Combinations of thermal oil and steam systems

A combination of these heat exchangers results from the planned plant setup. As a result of our consultancy (engineering) we deliver well matched system components.
Our modular design allows us to combine the various types of heat exchangers in one heat exchange tower and to minimize the required room for the equipment. In such towers, heat exchangers remain individually replaceable.

In case of pure steam boilers, these may also be built with cooled sidewalls.

Possibilities of waste heat utilization:

  • Thermal oil for heating of sludge dryers and other consumers
  • Thermal oil for preheating the primary and secondary air