Heat exchanger with air


In many thermal processes, the waste heat can be used to preheat air for the process or the facility.

The preheated air may be used as preheated combustion air for a burner, a shaft furnace, a traveling grate or a fluidized bed reactor.
It may also be used at other locations of a plant for heating.

The achievable air temperature in exhaust systems is limited by the properties of the flue gas and the material properties of the heat exchanger.

Typical heat exchangers are:

  • Air preheater (APH) as convective heat exchangers
  • Air preheater (APH) as a radiation heat exchanger
  • Combinations of convective and radiant heat exchangers (Combi-Flex)

Further types are:

  • Heat exchangers for clean or dirty flue gas
  • Heat exchanger with flue gas inside or around the tubes
  • Direct or indirect heating of the heat exchanger

We will find the right heat exchanger type for your application.