Turn-Key Systems

WÜRZ GMBH can be your partner all the way from the concept study to the commissioning of a plant.

Our field of activity for your project

  • Process analysis
  • Thermal and mechanical design layout and fabrication drawings
  • Delivery of
    – combustion systems
    – heat exchangers
    – structural steel
    – ducting and piping
    – electric wiring
    – control system
  • Mechanical and electrical erection
  • Commissioning

Examples from the recent past

  • Gas systems for the cupola and other shaft furnaces
  • Heat exchanger systems downstream sewage sludge treatment systems
  • Thermal oxidizers (afterburner, RTO)
  • Heater for various media
  • Fired thermal oil heater
  • Waste heat boiler for thermal oil
  • Waste heat boiler for steam
  • Convection heating systems for industrial furnaces