Preheating of liquid or gaseous media

Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are used for the preheating of liquid or gaseous media. Mainly there are two applications for such heaters.


  • Heater for plant start-up with a short operating period
    Typical characteristics are the low investment cost and the simple construction
  • Heater for continuous operation
    Typical characteristics are the low operating costs and the high thermal efficiency

Depending on the application and size, there are two typical forms of such heaters.

Types of fired heaters

  • Directly or indirectly fired heaters
  • Compact heaters
  • Horizontal or vertical design
  • Round or box shaped combustion chambers

WÜRZ Heaters

are usually designed as circular furnaces with or without an additional convective heat exchanger according API560 or DIN EN 13705. Typical fuels are natural gas or fuel oil.