The core business of WÜRZ GMBH

Heat Exchangers

The core business of WÜRZ GMBH is the thermal calculation, design, supply and commissioning of heat exchangers. Depending on the application and customer requirements, we deliver tailored heat exchanger systems. The heat exchangers used are supplied either with flue gases after a combustion process or they are directly fired by burner systems.

Typical applications for our heat exchangers are:

  • Recuperators for hot blast
  • Heat exchangers for air or for process gases
  • Hot water boiler
  • Steam boilers (superheater, evaporator and economizer)
  • Thermal oil boiler
  • Heaters for various other gaseous or liquid heat carrier

In these applications various types of heat exchangers are used:

  • Recuperators with tubes (straight or lyre-shaped)
  • Convective boiler tubes (bend in meandering shape)
  • Radiant boiler with tube coils
  • Double wall radiation heat exchangers

Due to many years of experience in various areas of heat recovery, we have determined the matching materials for typical mechanical, chemical and thermal attacks.

Often we combine different types of heat exchanger and heat transfer media in one heat exchange tower. This results in room optimized and economic heat exchange towers, which fit our customers needs and infrastructure.

Our customers are plant operators as well as engineering companies who use our heat exchangers or heat exchange systems as part of their plant designs.