Special requirements for heat exchangers


In the cement industry, the dust is the product. Therefore, special requirements for the heat exchanger downstream the rotary kiln or the cyclonic preheater are needed.

Projects concerning the recovery of waste heat deal with large quantities of energy and dust in the flue gases. Particular effort is needed to make the heat extracted from the process available to the process itself.

Alternative concepts for the use of such waste heat can be discussed with us.

Examples of concepts:

  • Heating of dryer processes for potential alternative fuels
  • Power generation by steam turbine / generator
  • Power generation using ORC modules / generator
  • Energetic optimization of cooling processes
  • District heating

Special attention is given to the particularities of the high dust levels. This considerably influences the design of the heat exchangers.
The heat exchange surface continuous cleaning. An elegant way of cleaning is our optimized steel shot cleaning system, which allows cleaning with minimal influence on our customer’s process side.