Gas handling systems for Cupola furnaces

Cast Iron Foundries

The main product in the cast iron foundry industry is the gas system for the cupola furnace. Many of our systems operating successfully worldwide. For over 25 years we have built systems for all melt rates; from small plants, all the way to the world’s largest.

Basically, we distinguish between dry and wet systems. In wet systems, the cupola gas is first cleaned by adding water before it is sent to combustion and heat exchanger. Dry systems have a filter (baghouse) at the end of the process downstream of combustion and heat exchange.
Most plants have been planned and built with our domestic and foreign partners.
We are happy to discuss with you which type might be most profitable for your company. We always try to find the most economical way of heat recovery from the resulting waste heat of the process.

In our heat exchange units we use the following media:

  • Hot blast for the cupola
  • Thermal oil / Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Steam
  • Water / Glycol
  • Air in the gas cooler
  • and others