Continuous cleaning of heating surfaces

Steel Shot Cleaning System

Steel shot cleaning systems (SSCS, also referred to as “ball rain system”) are used for the continuous cleaning of heat exchanger surfaces in vertical heat exchanger towers. In such systems, steel shot material is added above the heating surface. While “raining” down, dust deposits are reduced and the vertical passes are kept open.

The flue gas diversion below the heat exchanger tower is best designed to guide most dust to the filter system while a shot and particle mixture reaches the lower arrangement of the SSCS. A screen drum separates steel shot and dust. The balls are then pneumatically conveyed to the top of the tower and the circle is closed.
All plants follow this same principle, but almost each one is unique in its design.

Since 1994, we have planned and developed such individual systems for our customers. Each plant benefits from the experience of more than 100 supplied plants.

Typical application for steel shot cleaning units are heat exchanger towers:

  • downstream industrial furnace processes,
  • in small and medium sized power plants,
  • in incineration plants for alternative fuels and
  • in biomass power plants.

We are glad to help you plan the best cleaning system for your application.